Join the Crew - Get that dirt off your sneakers and 10% Off!

Join the Crew - Get that dirt off your sneakers and 10% Off!

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Our environmental initiative + Model

Quality shoe care shouldn’t compromise the earth. Sustainability and closed loop practices are part of Shoebox's DNA. We want you to help us reduce global waste by saving your dirty kicks from the landfill. That’s why we gave your average shoe care an up-cycled upgrade.

We use only the most powerful plant-based ingredients for an effective, high-quality clean. And through innovation, we craft products that are both built from the earth and safe to go back to it. Because we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice fresh soles for fresh air (and vice versa).
Everything we do - from our laundry to your closet - is designed to benefit the environment and the communities we care for.

What we propose is that you can buy shoes with us, you can clean your shoes with us and you can either trade or sell your shoes with us! This creates a TRUE circular and sustainable footwear model.

Let’s minimise waste together, one dirty shoe at a time. Don’t toss out those old shoes, treat ‘em or sell 'em!


Get to know us - Who we are & what we do!

A laundromat for your shoes, Shoebox is the planets first choice in sneaker cleaning, culture & community. Shoebox champions conscious consumption and exists through a desire to create a new sustainable footwear model. A curator of culture & ‘saviour of soles’. We are a laundromat for shoes and a subcultural home for the discerning & dope modern consumer. No longer just for sneakerheads and hype-beasts... Shoebox is by the people for the people. The ‘disruptor’ challenging the modus operandi and status quo... reinventing the laundrette, we’re the new age cobbler. We exist to make your life easier, your shoes spotless and the world a better, less wasteful place. Tread cleanly, tread light.Shoebox is a confident & calm operator, your friendly local expert with their finger on the pulse. Speaking to those who like to live their lives well. Discerning & tasteful with a little street edge and modern sensibilities, we look back to the laundrettes of yesteryear... wielding an old fashioned charm and a slightly rugged yet approachable style we champion classic, quality service. We’re here to do what we do and do it well!‘Better for the planet - Better for your sole’

- Arron Hollands