Join the Crew - Get that dirt off your sneakers and 10% Off!

Join the Crew - Get that dirt off your sneakers and 10% Off!

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We all have that pair of Sneakers that we can't bear to part with, but over time, even the best footwear can start showing signs of wear & tear. However, with a little care, you can extend the life of your shoes & keep them looking & feeling great for longer. Here are some simple tips for maintaining your shoes at home:

Regular Cleaning: Bring them to us ‑ The professionals, 👨🏽‍💼👨🏽‍🔧its easy convenient for you and quick! But we would say that, otherwise you can keep your shoes clean by brushing off dirt & stains as they appear. Use a suitable cleaner like our cleaning gel & brush! In fact you can use our kits on any materials as they are safe & vegan friendly!

Rotate Shoes: Give your shoes a break & switch between pairs to reduce wear & tear ‑ so yes it is good to have more than 1,2,3,4+ pairs of shoes 😉

Shoe Trees: Invest in shoe trees 👟🌳to maintain their shape & absorb moisture. These are so worth it, but if you’re like me then you will probably need a million! 🥴

Moisture Protection: Protect against moisture, especially for leather shoes. Avoid heat & let wet shoes air dry🌬️naturally. This helps prevent mold, which if left too long can’t be cleaned but can be painted!!

Sole Replacement: Replace worn‑out soles to extend your shoe's life. Generally speaking this is more common with heeled shoes,👠👢👟but either way definitely worth it, a clean & this = brand spanking new!

Proper Storage: I know a lot of you guys throw out your shoe boxes 📦 but if you store shoes in a cool, dry place using shoe bags or boxes this helps to prevent damage and mold.

Regular Checks: Inspect your shoes for damage or loose stitching, or even if they are a little dirty/muddy . Catching these issues early is prime, easier to fix 👨🏽‍🔧and less likely to stain!

Insoles: Use insoles 🦶🏽🦶🏽for added comfort and support, especially if you use ours they are lightweight, 6 in a pack and smell amazing!

Lastly: Clean with us again😁😉😎

These top tips help you significantly prolong the life of your shoes, save you money & you can enjoy your best footwear for years to come. Shoe care not only extends their lifespan but also keeps your feet comfortable & Box Fresh.

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